Begin Anywhere

In the immortal words of John Cage; “Begin anywhere.”

Or perhaps as the best whimsical stories begin, “Once upon a time…


…there lived a 36 year old girl from Salt Lake City, Utah who had spent 12 years in New York City before deciding she needed sunshine & to learn to surf in San Diego, California.  She was happy, most days, and on the other days, it was likely just a grouchy spell bound to pass soon.

She loved yoga, art and quick beach runs with the breeze of the salty ocean air.  She was obsessed with gardening, baking, growing her own herbs and flowers, cuddling and creating handcrafted dinners from the urban garden she shared with her prince. ❤

Car Window.jpg

She wanted to inspire and be inspired and find others who shared her passion for health, sustainability, intelligence, lifestyle design, holistic curiosity, and the art of striving for more.

Her name was (Boho) StevieAnn. ❤

And so the adventure begins.


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