Big Sky Wedding & Flower Crowns

I was looking through my photos for pictures of flower crowns and stumbled upon these photo’s of my friend Ariana’s wedding in Big Sky Montana.  Ariana is an incredibly talented jewelry designer and absolute perfect as a human.  Her wedding was the most romantic ceremony I’ve ever attended at her parent’s private Ranch. The photos are too beautiful not to share them all.

 This long drive took through their property to the center of Two Hearts Ranch.

Two Hearts Rancg.jpg

This Teepee was hand painted by her parents.


I spent the day of the wedding making flower crowns on this tiny wooden bridge over the stream. It was magical. ❤

MT Flowers.jpg

The flower girls wore their flower crowns down the aisle.


Prepping for the ceremony under the big blue sky.


We spent hours setting up the gorgeous china for the dinner post ceremony.


Goats and her little flower girls walked her down the aisle. We drank & danced into the night and sang show tunes together the next morning in the sun. (Literally.)


 I couldn’t let the crowns go to waste & spent the next morning wearing one. ❤

Flower Crown.jpg



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