So you want to build a garden? Part I

A few months after I met my lovely prince, Adam; I was musing about my secret dream to have my own mini garden.  I imagined summer days outside with book in hand and my toes dancing among the flowers.  I would grow my own herbs, bottle my own tinctures, and remember the sharp sweet sunny taste of home grown tomatoes. Summer nights would end with Pinterest worthy backyard dinner parties stretching under twinkle lights and stars like this.


 Swoon…. Isn’t that every woman’s dream?

This was a magical and dreamy conversation because at the moment, the yard we were laying in (which Adam had just moved into), looked like this.


In the six weeks he’d been there, he’d planted tomatoes and a few bulbs against the east fence (see back left of this photo) and had pots of flowers growing on the porch.

Porch Flowers.jpgSo, when he offered to build me a mini garden at his place, I smiled and thought it was sweet and he was certainly handsome and capable, but didn’t think much more about it.

Thank goodness one of us had the foresight to snap this “before” of the yard.  This is a photo from last May, about 10 months ago. 🙂


That week, Adam surprised me with a sketch for three planter boxes including schematics to make make the boxes from scratch and volume dimensions converted to the amount of soil we needed to purchase with which amends (such a guy!).  I spent the rest of the week googling companion planting and came up with a quick list of which plants would do well with which herbs.

Sunday we went to home depot. Adam bought the supplies. I bought the plants.

Monday, this happened.

Planter Beginning.JPG

And this…

Raised Grames.JPG

He’s very handy!

You can see the lemon grass & mini lemon tree which were already in the yard.

Raised Bed 2.JPG

This stain is to protect the wood from self-composting.

Our friend Siina, visiting from Denmark for school is supervising.

Painted Box 2.JPG

You may notice a few small pots of herbs, flowers and two raised boxes with tomatoes and a pepper tree already in the yard.  The raised boxes were our neighbors, they eventually let us adopt them.

Painted Boxes

All in all, I think Adam spent $300 including soil & amendments. I insisted we buy organic soil which increased the cost a bit.

We spent another two days digging up the grass in the area we wanted to lay the planter boxes down on. This ended up being a wise decision as I have yet to weed any of the aggressive runners the heat tolerate grass puts out in this area.


And here’s a photo of our first lady bug! So cute!  On to Part II…


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