SFO + Hair Magic

A childhood besties night always starts out with a night of dancing. This photo was taken at 7-11 waiting for our Uber home at 1:00AM.  It’s also our hair ‘before’ photos. 🙂


The next morning Rich’s talented hubby Dana did Cliff & my hair in his salon.


Then, off to Golden Gate Park for a museum day.

SFO Park.jpg

Posing for a boys photo on top of de Young Museum.  Aren’t they cute?

My Boys.jpg

Dana did an amazing job with Cliff’s Bieber hair.


My oldest friend in the world: coffee & outdoor scupltures.


Nap time in the park while waiting for the annual sexy jesus contest to start.

Dana Hair Magic

Getting styled by Dana before our official night out.

Asia SF

Pretending we’re celebs on the red carpet at Asia SF.  We’d make a really cute country western pop band.  “Four-square” was our favorite game as kids, I think that’s our band name. 🙂

China LA

Up close. Channeling my inner Phoebe from Girlfriends Guide with my gray toned out hair.


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