So you want to build a garden? Part II

Our San Diego coastal urban garden was under way (see Part I).   Boxes had been built, area weeded, raised beds laid in their places and filled with mixed amended organic soil.   Next, organizing all the plants we purchased.

We were going for a ‘kitchen garden’ look, a mix of flowers, herbs and plants.  We accented our raised boxes with marigolds, impatient, snapdragons, etc.  We were so excited by all the cute plants at Home Depot and ended up buying a bit too much. 🙂  It turns out this would become a common problem for both of us: wanting all the plants!


Laying out all the plants: red raspberries and a sun parasol. Compost pile (mostly dirt and grass at this point) in the back corner.

Box Three = A six pack of assorted mini tomatoes (yellow, black, red, pear, etc), six pack of assorted eggplants (white, purple, black), and a six pack of assorted bell peppers (red, orange, black, yellow, green).  We planted all this in one box + flowers!  🙂  Note: This was waaaayyy too much for one semi-shady box; we just didn’t know it yet.


Box Two = Strawberries + Catnip + 6 pack of assorted squash, flowers + herbs.  🙂   I love the bright cone shaped flowers in the front.  I can’t remember the name, but I want to plant them again this summer.

On the ground behind it we would put our impulse buy of a six pack of watermelon!


Box One: Cucumbers + dill, peas, radish carrots and more herbs.


Outside of Box One:  Another sun parasol, rosemary & lavender. Our little lavender is TINY here! Adorable!  (It’s HUGE now! I’ll show you later.)


The final lay out.



Here’s a preview….


Pretty amazing, right?  Here’s another cute ladybug photo for you. 🙂

Lady Bug.JPG

On to Part III….



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