Beach Rocks Rock (Garden Update)

Garden update!

I think the day after our garden was planted, we started dreaming about what to do with the rest of the yard. We planted the rescue tree our local nursery threw out & planted a row of purslane next to the fence.


We finished mulching around our three planter boxes and thought the yard needed a little something else.

Beach rocks!

Beach Rocks.JPG

There are millions washing up on the shores of San Diego and per the county parks website, you’re allowed to take a few pounds at a time. So…. over a week… collect we did, and we began surrounding all of our plants with a (free) rock border.


Rocks surrounding our yellow rose, lavender, rosemary and watermelon patch.


More rock circles around our raspberries, sun parasols, yellow rose and lemon tree.

A border around our east fence tomato patch.


A border around the purslane patch.


A little patch for our herb pots (left) and our friend Karina keeping us company.


And a big border around all three boxes.


Looks good! Right? And the cost was free dollars! 🙂


Ta-da! ❤


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