Craigslist Patio Furniture

With our garden coming so nicely together, we needed an upgrade from borrowing our neighbors plastic chairs.  We didn’t want to spent a lot and was looking for something that would last us a year or two, so we began our hunt for used patio furniture on Craigslist.

We finally found an old set of six chairs and a glass table for $60.  This also included a first pit, wheelbarrow and wood.  Deal!  The set was worn and rusted a bit but nothing a little spray paint couldn’t fix, right?  I’d read great things about Rustoleum and we found they sold ‘fire proof’ paints we could use for the fire pit.  Sweet!

IMG_4647We sanded the worst corroded paint spots then set to spray painting everything white. IMG_4648

We sprayed them in the middle of the yard but pulled them into the sun to dry after.

Paing 2.JPG

Spray painting the table.


We went over everything with a second coat as needed after we finished spray painting everything then let it all dry for the evening.

Finished Fire place.jpgWe spray painted the fire pit top and bottom black and the middle grate white. It turned out beautifully!

Up Close.JPG

All done!


You can see our garden has grown a lot in the background.


Arial view from our neighbors deck.

Arial View.jpg

Full west view.

West View.JPG

East View.

Full View Zoom.jpg

Full unglamorous east view but fun to see our progress!

Full Full.JPG

That weekend we bought tiki torches and had dinner party to celebrate.


Red wine, grilled meats and salads.


It was a feast!


We hung twinkle lights as well. (Obviously!)

Twinkle Lights.jpg



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