Arch Trellis & Grapes

Our cucumbers were taking over make-shift trellis.  It was time for a bigger solution. Arch garden trellis to the rescue!  I had found an article online stating you could make your own trellis with PVC pipe and plastic netting.  Off to Home Depot we went!

Adam found all the supplies, bought some green spray paint & two grape plants.  I came home from work Monday to this!  Boom!  Yes, my prince is a DIY ninja!

Trellis & Grapes.JPG

Frame left -> new grape plants.  Frame right -> Tired Adam.

Post Trellis.JPGTraining the plants up the new trellis.

Trellis Training.JPG

Our attempt to train our squash up the trellis kind of failed. Powdery Mildew had set in and we were cutting off most the plant.

Squash Post Path.JPG

Giant Squash!  We grew that!

Trellis & Blocks

Yard view of the new trellises.


Do you remember when this whole yard was just dead grass?

Arial Trellis.JPG

Twinkle lights make everything better.

Arial 2 Trellis

Twilight magic.  We picked up a few white lanterns from Ikea for our stairs & placed one on the table below.  I think it’s time for another dinner party.  ❤



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