Broken Concrete Patio

Thank God Adam loved me because once I get started on a project or idea, I don’t stop. Ever. 🙂

Our garden was looking amazing but the rest of the yard, not so much. 😦   The summer heat had killed the wild grass patch and it just looked sad.  Plus, we had our just found our Craigslist patio furniture so we definitely needed a patio!


I was convinced we could find broken concrete on Craigslist, have it delivered for free and build our own patio.  Enter …. Craigslist posting of a parking lot demolish, offering to deliver concrete for free.

Parking Garage.JPG

I somehow convinced Adam this would work.


You can see our patio chairs drying in the far right of this photo.


Delivered!   We measured the area we wanted to transform, placed a stake in each corner and strung string between each.  Let the digging begin!


I was pumped & dug my heart out.

Getting Dirty.jpg

We laid a base of dirt & gravel and manually adjusted the top height as we went to keep the broken concrete slaps uniform.  It was grueling work.


Our friend Dmitry was a champ!  I think this would have taken us three days without him as it turned out most of the slabs were too heavy for me to lift. Pose East.jpg

All laid out.

All Laid Out.jpg

Arial view at the end of day one. This took all day, 16 hours or so.


The following morning we watered and walked on the slabs, manually adjusting those that were teetering a bit or leveling out certain areas. Once we were satisfied with our work and a slight slope away from the house, we filled it with dirt.Dirt Filled.jpg

Two days, free dollars.

Filled Two.jpg

That’s how you DIY for free. ❤



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