Home Brew Kombucha

I’m obsessed with Kombucha!   Fizzie, delicious, healthy, pro-biotic!  Realizing I was spending $5 a bottle a day for something I could brew inexpensively at home meant it was time to learn.

I found 3 cute “Cheers” jars on sale at World Market; perfect for continuous brew fermenting jars.  I ordered a SCOBY from Kombucha Kamp plus a starter kit.


Instructions were included and easy peasy: brew tea (I went with the Rooibos blend from Kombucha Kamp), add sugar, cool, sanitize bottles, add SCOBY, let sit for a week or two.


These early batches were before we had our water filter.  I had to boil the water and extra 10 minutes to dechlorinate it. I added egg shells while boiling to add minerals.


This is my high tech bottling method. 🙂   I decided to save my store bought bottles & reuse them.  They are thick and made to withstand a little carbonation already.

Bottling Kombucha

I blended fresh frozen raspberries & peaches in my NutriBullet and used the juice for my second fermentation.  (I love my NutriBullet, but that’s a post for another day.)


I let my first jug build up a few SCOBYs then moved into three jugs.

We also invested in a warming mat for winter. California isn’t that cold but it helps.

3 Brew.JPG

Adam’s gotten into it too & has mastered flavors like elderflower-ginger.


Homemade Kombucha line up!

So yummy!   ❤





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