Broken Concrete Path

You remember the broken concrete patio we built?


We had a lot of left over broken concrete. A lot! ūüôā


The solution was obvious, we’d dig up this are under the trellises and create a broken stone pathway.

Grapes & Under Before

This is the ‘before picture’, not so pretty. ūüė¶ ¬†I propped our beach umbrella up between the two trellises for a little make shift shade; it turned out to be a pretty nice shade hack.

Under Trellis.JPG

We began my digging out all the old grass. The grass¬†under the outdoor faucet is a little¬†lush oasis¬†due to a drippy hose. ¬†We fixed the drip and bought a hose splitter; so we’d have one hose to the west side of the yard, and one to the east.

Under 4.JPG

More digging including a deeper trench for the concrete.

Under 3.JPG

We originally envisioned the wheelbarrow as a planter, but between the patio project & this stone path, it ended up getting a lot of use first.

Here’s a partial shot of the path along with our new west hose!

Hose West

East hose.


And the mid-section of the new stone path with two large pieces set aside to use as stepping stones to the hose.  This photo was taken a month later when the electric box had to be redone and our newly planted pumpkin bushes got trampled. You can see lettuce growing behind the trellises which ended up being a terrible place to plant it.  It grew plenty but it was hard to harvest here. We ended up pulling it up.

RIP Pumpkin

Ta-da! The new stone path!

Stone Path 2JPG.JPG

An east view of the entire stone path & patio with the wheel barrow in it’s new home.

Stone Path.JPG

West view a month later (prior to above mentioned electric both incident).  Both the wildflowers in the wheelbarrow & the tiny plants around the trellis were starting strong.

Path & Wheelbarrow



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