Cinder Blocks & Garden Update

Summer was approaching and our garden was growing!

We had already had our first mini harvest!

Garden Greens

Box Three:


Box Two with the watermelon sprawling out everywhere.  Our squash was crowded and shading our strawberry plants but we didn’t know better yet. 🙂


Box One: Our peas had died (too hot) but our raddish & mustard greens were happy and we couldn’t create a trellis fast enough for our cucumbers.


Our lavender is huge on the left side of this photo as is our pepper tree.

We had both been googling a lot about garden & there were a few cinder blocks in the alley behind our house, so we decided to try a cinder block planter North of our new patio.


You can see white paint marks from when we spray painted our craigslist patio furniture. Oops. 🙂

C BLocks Later.JPG

And here’s an update of the blocks a month or so later. The herbs & marigolds loved it. However, all the other plants just wouldn’t grow.  We had a bit of a cricket infestation (which love eating plant shoots) and the cinder blocks made the soil quite warm.  I’m sure it didn’t help that we were planting in July either. 🙂 Between all the factors, this was the most we got to grow in our cinder block project all summer.  ❤


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