One Month Garden-versary

These are the one month garden-versary update photos.  Some were taken at six weeks but either way, the garden is growing like crazy!

Rose 1.JPG

Yellow Rose buds.


Full bloom!


Roses love the San Diego coastal weather!  Our full sun ones do better but this buttercup gem is basically in full shade and still makes beautiful summer blooms.

Our strawberry patch. The catnip & squash took off right away.


A close up of our first green little strawberries.


Such a pretty yellow bloom in front of the squash. The catnip to the right is going crazy!


Our first tiny radishes pushing out of the soil behind this orange-red bloom. Another week and they’ll be ready to be thinned.


Our dill & cucumbers off to a great start!


Garden III.JPG

Our first tiny peas. It got too hot a few weeks after this and they died. 😦

Rumor has it you can grow peas year round in coastal San Diego but I’m skeptical. Perhaps if in some series shade?


A little morning coffee & a cheery marigold!


Box Three: eggplant, basil, tomatoes, peppers and flowers.


Love these cone flowers which continued to get huge!

Yard in the background still calling my name for a little love.

Cone Flowers B .JPG

Close up of the cherry tomatoes and basil a few weeks later.

The basil loved being in the shade of the tomatoes; a companion planting we’ll repeat.


The End. ❤

Or rather…. the beginning! 🙂


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