Savannah Girls Trip, Shopping

It was girls weekend in Savannah, Georgia.  A historical city full of haunted spirits, gorgeous old stone, cemeteries, mansions, gardens, and trees full of Spanish Moss.

It’s no wonder this city is famous for the book/movie, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”  It’s fitting for the entire town.

Spanish Moss.jpg

We stopped in every art house and shop during our daily walks through the squares.


  I wish I had somewhere to wear these extravagant pieces from Zia Couture; abrasive yet feminine.  So cool.


Drink cart sets: art deco meets modern masculine.  This gem was spotted at The Paris Market and Brocante. Their entire store was eye-candy and stunning displays. #storegoals


Sexy and dangerous; a set of Billy French playing cards at SCAD; very Savannah-esque.


24e Design Co is a must stop shop.  I snapped this photo of the day bed swing for my Prince.  If only we had a giant tree in our garden! 🙂


Oil on canvas. Loved this; is a perfect description of love and it reminds me of my old paintings.


Cute, funny and fun.  A great little art piece: cats + creativity.


My favorite shop of all was the Savannah Bee Company.  I had read about it before we went. I love bees and would love to tend a hive.  Tours of the hives were closed for the weekend but the shop kept plenty of my attention.


 Royal jelly body butters, lotions, meed, honey bar, honey comb, etc.; it was all adorable.

I even adopted my own bee ‘Bella!’ I hope she’s having fun with her bee friends!


We went out dancing our last night and walked by these fresh cut flowers outside a mini-mart.  It reminded me of New York City; all the bodegas do this.

Fresh cut flowers will put a smile on any girls face; every single time. 🙂


I can’t wait to go again.  Savannah will make a perfect romantic weekend as well.


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