Zoo Date & Night

San Diego Zoo is huge & beautiful.  It’s family friendly or a great day date.

Adam & I went for my company picnic last Summer.


Flamingos are so pretty.


Great shot of two nestling together. 🙂


Surprise, but we didn’t take many photos that day.  🙂

At least not until we were forced to eat super gross zoo food that evening.  The San Diego zoo is amazing at everything but they need to add in some healthy, fresh options.

(Do you hear me Zoo?)


Oh well, ice cream sandwiches aren’t that bad, right?  🙂


My Prince, “smiling at me.”  🙂


My company rented out the entire zoo for a private “zoo at night.”  It was pretty scary walking down pitch black pathways. I’m surprised no one has written a horror movie about zoo animals gone wild at night!  I felt like I was in Jurassic Park. :/


The best part about the ‘zoo at night’ were the Hippos. There was a momma and baby Hippo going in circles playing swimming games.  Pretty cool.



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