Balboa Theater Movie – Date Night

We’ve started a tradition of ‘surprise date nights’.  Envelopes with secret dates inside.


The first secret date I took Adam on was to see ‘Cinema Paradiso’ at Balboa Theater in downtown San Diego.  It’s one of my favorite movies and an absolute classic.  If you haven’t seen it, rent it asap. It’s long, old and Italian, but amazing!


Balboa Theater is this magical, historical, gorgeous old theater with red carpets, ornamental details and a classic bulb marquee out front.


In addition to theater and concerts, they do movie nights here once or twice a month. Tickets are inexpensive and it’s a must do date night!


100+ year old, 100k restored organ which is played before every show. The music is deep and melodic coming through the pipes built into the theater.


Me, pre show, with our glow in the dark Balboa Movie Theater collectible mugs.  🙂


Our mugs came with a concession package we purchased; they have great deals for popcorn, treat bags and adult beverages for dates or groups of four.

We take them every time we go now! I really love this place, it’s a hidden gem.


Pre-show selfie!  We’ve been working on our selfie game.  It still needs work! 🙂


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