Work Out Patch

After a few leisurely weekends, it was time to tackle another garden project! ūüôā

With our stone path done, we had almost finished the entire back yard.  The only read left was the small patch of dead grass on the east side of the yard.  If you remember my original dream of laying in the sun reading, you know we needed a patch of grass, but considering California is in a major drought, it was time to get creative.

South View.JPG

Ugly dead grass.

Yoga Patch.jpg

First we decided to dig out the dead grass. Not necessary, but we knew it was our best chance of eradicating the aggressive runners it put out.

Digging Yoga.JPG

We went to Home Depot & bought the fluffiest faux turf grass they had. ¬†I couldn’t resist when I saw this dragonfruit plant!¬†¬†He’s just hanging out waiting for us to repot him.


We bought two cuts & duck-taped them together. We spent about $200 on it.

Work Out Patch.JPG

Tada!  The perfect place to do yoga or read a book.  Waterwise & it sparkles in the sun.

Check out the wildflowers sprouting in the wheelbarrow planter.

Succulent Patch.JPG

We had bought these crazy dragon looking succulents on a walk home from brunch at Fig Tree Cafe for $5 each. North of our new work out patch would be a home for them.


Here’s the finished patch.

Here’s an update a few months later of our succulents. We added a few more beach rocks too.










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