Titanic Date Night

It was another surprise date night from Adam.  He requested I wear something warm and hop in the car.  I grabbed leggings and a sweater and complied. I love surprise date nights!


My prince had prepped non-alcoholic margaritas for the drive, which ended up being a long one to Costa Mesa to The Pacific Amphitheater.

This place is beautiful and amazing! You reserve seats and picnic areas which they issue camping fold out chairs for you to sit on.  You can buy food or pack your own picnic.


Adam packed us a delicious picnic dinner of pasta and chips and I can’t even remember what else because we googled it up so fast! 🙂


Look whose getting good at their selfie game!  Win! 🙂img_3407.jpg

Of course Mr. Romantic made us chocolate covered strawberries!  He’s the best! 🙂


Yum.  I wish I could eat these now. ❤


Our show for the evening was Titanic the musical. I didn’t even know there was a musical! It was amazing!


Curtain call.


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