Weekly Inspo: #GirlBoss

I’m completely obsessed with reading and studying success stories.

Tell me you’re remotely interested and I’ll inundate you at least once a week with the podcast, book or amazing video I just watched on YouTube!  🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 3.44.58 PM.png

Tim Ferris’s podcast is one of my favorites. His long form interviews with icons of success are perfect listening for me while commuting, cooking or work outs.

I was listening to his 2015 interview with Sophia Amoruso this week and decided to download her book as well.


Introducing Sophia Amoruso. #Girlboss. You’ll love this easy yet motivating read.

She’s sexy, sassy, full of street smarts and REAL-ness that is so refreshing!  You’ll want to be her bestie and she’s successful.  Crazy successful.


How? Her advice is to forget everyone else, follow your heart, work hard as hell and worry about asking forgiveness later.


Way too often, we focus on all the things we want and the amount of money we want but not what we want.  #GirlBoss gives solid advice to focus on what you love instead.

Make your own way, work hard and do it well.


Blaze your own paths. Design your own life. Design your own destiny.



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