Sprouts & Sassy Ladies

If you don’t have a garden or planter boxes (yet). The easiest way to grow your food are your own indoor sprouts!  $4 at your local gardening store you’ll find assorted seeds.


One package will cost you the same as one box at the grocery store but you can make 4-5 large batches and it only takes a week.


We use an old dish towel on a plate, soak overnight and grow. No direct sunlight required.

We do this constantly since we bought them!  See our sprouts growing on the table by our window in the photos below.


My friend Monica just got engaged, hence the posed photos during girls night.

(Congrats Moni!)


Just pull a few off when you’re ready to eat them.


Adds a bit of class & extra nutrients to your salads or entrees!

Sprout Salad

Yummy & simple way to grow your own food.


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