Sometimes you go to things you’re not remotely interested in because of your loved one.


That would be the Miramar Airshow for me. 🙂  Adam really wanted to go, so of course, I went. 🙂  He bought two tickets for VIP and we spent the entire day there.

We watched planes fly, looked at them, played in them, etc. Total guy stuff. 🙂  Though there were a lot of girl pilots and that was cool too!  I’ve co-piloted a helicopter before and loved it!  I’m just not really into looking at models and airplane design. 🙂


Adam loved it though!  And that’s what mattered. 🙂

For me, the coolest part of the day was this semi truck they attached a jet engine too. ha ha.  It was fast and very ‘america! 🙂


Next year, I’m going to let him take this girl.  🙂


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