First Harvest, Wood Trellis and Patio Pots

Late Summer 2016 and our garden is full of produce!  It’s so amazing to go outside and snip off a spring of thyme or fill a quick bowl with greens instead of going to the grocery store. It makes me really happy and makes me feel like our garden is really valuable.

Adam was so sweet to plant yellow roses for me instead of white last Spring.  I loved the idea of yellow roses, the idea seemed so cheery.

And they’ve grown!

We love our garden but it just doesn’t feel cozy yet.  We want more of a cottage garden feel and we both agree that means more flowers, pots of flowers and white roses for my prince. ❤

So… off to home depot Adam went for flowers & supplies to create a nursery for me to grow my own plants, a shade trellis (photos below) & strawberry rain gutter planters.  🙂

Yes, he’s amazing!  And, yes, these posts are all coming soon.  🙂


Since our south fence is short and the California sun is relentless in the summer & fall.  We bought a morning glory to take over the fence fast plus the additional trellis Adam built.


Here’s a ‘before photo’ of the area.


The ‘after photo’ (wood trellis is left above the fence).


Adam created a string trellis to guide the morning glories up to the wood trellis.


We planted assorted thyme, spring bulbs & moon flowers inbetween the roses.

We both wanted white pots for the patio but white pots are so expensive!  So, we bought the plain tan terra-cotta ones and spray painted them white.


They are dry enough to pot plants in an hour.


We spotted a ginger plant & had to have it! We also added hibiscus, poppy seeds, more bulbs in the pots and narcissus + lilies around the patio.  Adam made ‘V’ formations of them and marked them with sticks.


We didn’t worry too much about making the pots perfectly white since we knew they’d get dirty outside. You could add a second coat, just don’t use the cheap spray paint, it takes three times as much. 🙂

My new pink hibiscus! ❤

Our cherry tomatoes going crazy: orange, black, yellow & green.


You can see white, purple and black eggplant.  I love the rare heirloom varieties.


The tiniest eggplant ever! A great example of why you shouldn’t overcrowd plants.


Our first harvest! (herbs, borage, eggplants & peppers!)


You can see cilantro / coriander and carrots starting to grow under the colander.


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