Adding a Little Beach (Home Decor)

 I love Adam’s taste: minimalists, Scandinavian design, clean lines and he’s super tidy!

unnamed.jpgExample: Living room above; guest room below.


But, formy own personal space & sanctuary; I needed something a bit more feminine and since we’re at the beach, a bit more beach-y. 🙂

Adam is really attached to his gray couches, so I started Googling ideas.

And then… off to Marshalls in hunt of bargains.  When it comes to decorating, it’s my favorite!  Inexpensive, modern and good quality.


For the living room, I swapped out white & cream fuzzy textured pillows, white throw blankets and added twinkle lights for soft evening lighting.


For the entry table, I bought small silver vases and a set of three wooden trays which nest together.  One for the entry.


A second one for the bedroom. With books for me to learn Danish: Steen & Stoffer which is the Danish translation of Calvin & Hobbes, and a book or Norse Myths for me to learn about viking mythology. 🙂


Reading in bed is my favorite,  ❤


For the third nesting table in the set, we’ve placed the wooden tray in the guest room with a candle & silver arrow paperweight.


A runner for the hall.


Rug for the foot of the bed.fullsizerender2.jpg

A little mermaid figurine & silver holder for my shelf in the bathroom.


Mini candles and an indoor hosta plant for air purifying. I heard hosta plants do well in low light but I was worried about the humidity.  No need, this little plant loves it in the bathroom and is growing happily.



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