Did I say our backyard garden makeover was done? If so, then I forgot to show you pictures of this:


The dreaded side yard.

This was our daily walk to get to our new backyard. Eyesore.


We had a few herbs and flowers pulled from our spring/summer garden living in planter boxes in the side yard.  Most of the delicate plants did better here with a bit of shade.


Random pots up on our deck: mint, peach roses and newly planted sweet peas and bulbs.  You can see the side yard below and our hand-me-down grill. I hated this view!


We also had assorted pots on the stairs: lemon balm, chocolate mint, spearmint and parsley I was just starting to grow (pictured below).


In the waist high boxes that existed in the side yard, we were growing cilantro, purple basil and carrots.


We had various plants growing in plastic pots on the fence as well.  Over the summer we learned that crickets and other critters like munching on mini plant shoots. Starting new plants for 6-8 weeks off the ground kept most of the critters away.


Not the most visually appealing thing in the world. 🙂


And… we eventually started stacking herb boxes diagonally on the waist high boxes to keep them in partial shade and off the ground.  “south box = planter box ‘A'”IMG_0544.JPG

North waist high planter box = planter box ‘B’. Our assorted salads and spinach already sprouting.


It was not pretty. And… eventually….. we decided it was time to tackle!

Adam decided to build me a nursery for all my baby plants and seeds.


He did his usual ‘look at it’, ‘write down a few measurements’ and ninja the shit out of it. It never ceases to amaze me that his projects come together perfectly.

While he did his ninja-DIY-ing.  I started digging up most of the thick tough grass. I finally understand why people say gardening burns so many calories. Digging up rock hard dirt is an excellent work out! It helps that I was channeling months of staring at that ugly area into my digging. Rrraaawwww!


Mr. Fix It DIY came up with a design using the two existing waist high planter boxes.  His design suspended all the existing plastic rectangle boxes I had in a ‘drop in’ / ‘take out’ design.


Essentially I can move all my boxes in and out as needed depending on how much sun they need or if I’m replanting.


Genius right?


And the additional space underneath would double as ‘out of sight’ storage.


Here’s the nursery row.


Such an improvement! Though we were still using our fence for some of the seedlings already growing for our winter garden.


My first tiny Borage plant!  I was so excited about this little guy! I’d read bees love them and was so excited to help the bees!  Little did I know how easy Borage grows & how often I’d be pulling them or hacking them down next Spring. 🙂


This is what our ‘sassy salad mix’ looked like a month later and for months to come.  Most salad or lettuce mixes are ‘cut and come again’ or cut as you go. I highly recommend a salad or greens patch.  It’s one of the things we never buy at the grocery store any more.


After I dug up the grass, we put down black plastic, put down inexpensive new stepping stones and mulch.


The full view. We ran out of mulch so we skipped the area under the planter boxes.

Viola the new nursury:


And let’s not forget, the new view from the patio.


Officially the sweetest thing any man has even done for me.


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