Day two.  We drove from Solvang to Napa Valley.  Adam had never seen the Golden Gate bridge so we drove through San Francisco and over the bridge for him.   Our only stop was on the north Fort Baker side to take a photo. SFO is an easy flight from San Diego; so we’ll go back to spend a long weekend there with friends soon.

We arrived in Napa after dark.  We explored downtown and ate at Oenotri for dinner. Great wine, pasta, charcuterie board and bread.  The tiny gerkin cucumbers were my favorite. Definitely going to grow those next summer!

We woke up early and went on a morning run together.  I think that’s the first time Adam’s ever ran with me.  I loved it! 🙂


Afterwards, we went to Oxbow Public Market for lunch. Adam tasting all the flavored vinegars. 🙂


Oxbow is full of shops, coffee, oils, soaps, bee products and gorgeous produce.

It inspired us to make our own infused oils when we get home.


I love Romanesco!  So beautiful and tasty, another must for the garden next year. 🙂


I grabbed us healthy juices (we both have been pigging out a lot lately & our pants barely fit!) 🙂 So, we shared a sandwich & biscuit at Five Dot Ranch.  The Quince jam was the best part; the flavors are a mix between apricot and honey!  Delicious!


This is what Quince looks like. 🙂  They were selling it at a farm stand at the market.

IMG_4639.JPGAfter lunch we drove through the vineyards and countryside.


Our plan was to drive inland while heading north and drive the coast on our return south.  Neither of us felt like doing a wine tasting so enjoyed the vineyards and a quick walk to taste raw olives (which are really nasty!)


We headed north up to Mendocino National Forest to see the giant Redwood trees.


We stopped to take a photo and Adam loved the smell of the trees.


So he made a little bouquet of the leafs, jumped in the back seat and hung it so we could smell it on our drive.


Seriously.  🙂




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