Redwoods – Take 1

We had our tree bouquet air-freshener and we were ready to take on the Redwoods.


We stopped for coffee, snacks and gas then on to explore the giant trees!


First we drove through an area recently burned by a forest fire.


This old Chevy truck caught Adam’s eye from the road.IMG_3677.JPG

I had to pose for a photo. I love old cars and wish I had an old farm to tow these cars to.


This old bus is beautiful.  I’m not facial with the make or model. Anyone?


Eventually the forest became thick, lush and green with huge trees!


Crazy, beautiful, northern cali jungle!


With trees big enough to drive through!


The trees are massive beyond belief!  The redwood forests are magical.IMG_0834.JPG

We drove all the way north to Leggett, CA, where the 101 converges to a single lane road each direction. An oil tanker and toppled on the road early that morning and the road was closed for the night while the conducted clean up.  There were hundreds of cars parked on the side of the road and no hotels in Leggett.


We could either sleep in the car, or drive 2 hours to the coast and back south to Fort Bragg.   Fort Bragg it was!  We drove crazy winding lush forest roads down to the coast and made it to the ocean right before dark. IMG_0845.JPGWe stopped to snap a photo but it was too dark to capture the beauty of the mountain road opening up to coast and ocean.

We drove in the dark back to Fort Bragg, ate an uneventful dinner overlooking the ocean at a terrible touristy restaurant we can’t be bothered to remember then fell asleep at a cheap motel.

Ahhhh. Roadtrips. 🙂


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