Diners & Drives

After our epic secret beach hike, we were hungry and new we had a day of hiking still ahead of us.  We drove by this classic car themed diner and had to stop.


Mattie’s was super cute inside and the food was classic american diner; terrible. 🙂


Except the crepes. Adam loved them!  They were sweet, sugary and served “Swedish style with lingonberries” which reminded him of Danish pancakes. 🙂


After breakfast we headed back down into Northern California to spend a proper day exploring the Redwood forests in daylight.

But first we must remember the monster trucks we saw before we drove out of town. We were tempted to go but it wasn’t until tomorrow.


Here’s to scenic drives and the blue open sky.


Newton B Drury Scenic Parkway.  We would go back this afternoon to hike there.


Mountain ranges and nature.


With the occasional dilapidated building.


We headed down to Gold Bluffs Beach.


We wanted to see the beach and hike fern canyon while there was good light.


When you’re driving through dense forest, the trees block out so much of the light!

The road zigged and zagged but we made it to the coast in under an hour from the main road.






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