Giant Trees!

After Fern Canyon, we went on a few more hikes in search of more giant trees!


This is the view from the bottom.  Some of these trees are hundreds of feet tall.  I think the tallest is 400+ feet?  Some of trees have been struck by lightening or burned from forest fires from the inside out but they are still alive. It’s crazy.


Adam standing inside to show a little perspective.


Me, trying to see the top.


Big trees!

It was so quiet in the forest.  The shredded bark and foliage made all sounds soft. It was a bit spiritual walking through trees that have lived for hundreds and hundreds of years through all of human history.  It makes you reflect how our lives are just this tiny blip. IMG_0296.JPG

Me in between twinner trees. They clone themselves as well as growing from seed.


Wildlife and an old red school.IMG_0439.JPG

Adam was disappointed these were the only animals we saw. He felt these were half domesticated because they loved the lawn and didn’t care we were right there.

The sun was starting to set, so we headed south to the nearest town for dinner.


Eureka was cold, rainy and foggy and most of the town looked like this.IMG_3910

We drove by the Carson Mansion which was the nicest house in town (which is now a club of some sort), had dinner at Fire & Brick Bistro, then drove south and spent the night in Sonoma County.


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