Petaluma Picnic

After our morning in Petaluma, we drove out to the outskirts of town to explore the many honey, lavender, flower and goat farms.

Such a charming country side.


Old churches, old windmills, grass & hills….

Sadly, almost all were closed to outside visitors after labor day.  😦

We were so sad until we saw this sign, “The Cheese Factory – Visitors Welcome!”


“Open.”   Yay!!!!!!!!


The family owned creamery had a beautiful little lake with picnic tables next to it.   Went inside the creamery and they had an amazing shop!  We went crazy buying jams, cheese, bread and wine.  It was good they were cash only or we probably would have bought even more! 🙂


And we still had our cupcake from earlier today.  Dessert for our picnic!


It was an amazing, lazy, warm autumn day.


All their brie, goat cheese, berry cheese, soft herb cheese, etc. It was all made on property and it was yummy!!!!!!


We feasted and then took a nap for hours in the sun.



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