Ahhhh, Petaluma.  My new love. ❤


We woke up early in Sonoma County. I went for a run to take in the fresh air.  While I was out, Adam looked for local places of interest and found Petaluma.


A quaint and beautiful old town full of historic buildings and charm.IMG_0455

And… home of the Petaluma Seed company in this gorgeous old building. Which is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Company. Organic gardening jackpot!!!!


I’m obsessed with heirloom varieties. I’ve always been attracted to unique and different. Plus, I think it’s incredibly important to preserve our food and food species diversity.  This is an example of the tomato isle.  I think tomatoes alone took up 2 walls. It’s food / farmer / gardener heaven!

We went to Della Fattoria for breakfast but they were serving lunch.  We had delicious salads, coffee, a lavender latte and a hostess style chocolate and cream filled cupcake.




After, we walked the riverfront, downtown and streets.IMG_0295.JPG

So much cool art, street art and grafetti.


A modern tribute to Alice in Wonderland.


Be an oak tree.


Color Hearts.

Petaluma is also home to Three Twins Ice-cream; which we went and got a scoop from.  I’m obsessed with their lemon cookie ice-cream! It’s my favorite!!!!






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