Lighthouse Picnic

After The Pescadero Flowery, we walked next door to the Arcangeli Grocery Co / Norm’s market which is their country store.

It’s less like a country store and more like a gourmet food market.


They have ‘to die for’ artichoke garlic bread where huge chunks of artichokes are baked into the soft doughy bread.  A batch was just coming hot out the oven as we arrived.

We munched a bit and then decided to head down the coast in search of a picnic spot.


We spotted a lighthouse in the distance and decided to go there.


It was beautiful and serene .


However, it was crazy crazy windy and COLD!

I had to put on my winter coat just to get out of the car and explore.


We walked around a bit and then decided to head back inland since it had been plenty warm.  We parked up the road a bit (you can see the lighthouse in the distance).


We put down our camping chairs and pulled out our feast!


Artichoke bread, pomegranate wine, and plenty of cheese from this morning and jams and cheese left over from Petaluma yesterday. 🙂 IMG_0494

It was a feast and a beautiful ocean view dinner.



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