Monterey, Bixbie Bridge + Big Sur

Good morning California!


Today’s adventures took us through Monterey, California.


We stopped at The Inn at Spanish Bay for Coffee. It’s a huge beautiful hotel and golf course on private property along 17 Mile Drive, Monterey, California.


It was super cloudy most of the morning which was fitting for the low coastal vegetation, sand bluffs and gnarly old wind blown coastal trees.IMG_3994IMG_3995IMG_4001

We drove by lots of beautiful old homes and estates.IMG_4003

Lone tree.IMG_4004

Finally the sun came out.IMG_4006

And cleared away the melancholy vibes.  We drove through the entire 17 Mile loop then proceeded to head down the coast.IMG_4008

The views down the coast continued to be spectacular. 🙂  Southern California coastline is really beautiful.  In fact, all the western coastline is beautiful. 🙂


Bixbie Bridge. IMG_4011

This panoramic really captures the full shot of what you can see. It’s stunning.Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.21.55 PM


We stayed high in elevation for a while…


Then slowly started winding down the coast a bit.


Looking back here you can see Bixby Bridge in the distance still.


A break from the car to stretch our legs. 🙂


The coast turned inland soon and we started driving to Big Sur. We stopped for gas and this brightly painted bus converted into a coffee shop caught our eye.


it was parked just outside the River Inn, Big Sur.


Pretty light purple wildflower.


We walked around the River Inn and they had a beautiful ‘backyard’….


restaurant with two out door dining areas….


and a big river full of wooden adirondack chairs placed in the river to sit on.


So we sat on the back deck and ordered lunch in the mountain sunshine.IMG_0420.JPG

So beautiful an charming!!!!!


And the potpies were delicious!!!!!


After, we sat in the river for a bit and enjoyed the lush surroundings. IMG_0440.JPG

Definitely a place on our list to go back too.


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