Madonna Inn

Adam had booked a room at the Madonna Inn for my birthday! Sorry for the toes photo it’s the only one I took of the front! 🙂


I’d seen photos of it online and on Instagram and was SOOO excited about staying there!img_1531.jpg

It’s decorated in these over the top funky fun theme rooms and funky girly grounds.IMG_1532

With so much bright in your face pink everywhere like this pink day bed couch.IMG_1535

Pink lamp posts.IMG_1536

You can put in your request for rooms but nothing is guaranteed.  We ended up in the beautiful victorian room with red fuzzy velvet walls, dramatic chandeliers and gold gilded everything.IMG_1537

It was so fun!


Did I mention pink everything? Pink ice bucket, robes, trays!  We settled in and feasted on the rest of our snacks!


He’s so handsome. 🙂


Pink room key!IMG_1571

We had to eat in their steak restaurant for my big birthday dinner! IMG_1576

It was impossible to eat because we were so full from 10 days of pigging out!IMG_1561

But… it was still magical and fun!

The perfect birthday hotel!  Thank you my prince!


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