My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me!!!! 36 Years young! 🙂


When we woke up it took me a minute to remember where we were.

Our room looked like a haunted dungeon in the morning light. 🙂

But alas, we were just at the Madonna Inn hotel.  In the “Dez” room as in Ren-dez-vous.


It was bright and cheery outside.

We put our pink bathrobes and headed for the pool & spa.


Panoramic!  There was no one in the pool since it was Monday morning!  We had it all to ourselves! Birthday VIP!


Birthday morning selfie!!!!

We drank champagne with Chambord in it!  My favorite! It was such an amazing way to wake up & spend a birthday!  (Thank you baby!)


We soaked for an hour or two then headed over for breakfast. Even the flowers were pink!


The main restaurant is pink and the flowers are gorgeous! So beautiful to see in the morning light!


Even the sugar for the coffee is pink!


After breakfast we went to the park to relax but I feel asleep! 🙂  I’m just no good at day drinking.  🙂


After my nap, 🙂 we started driving home.  We stopped in the OC for dinner before we drove home.  I can’t remember the name at all, but I really liked it.  I was too full and tired to even have a cocktail, so I ordered cucumber water and relaxed with my prince.

Best birthday ever!  Thank you baby! My man is my champ!


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