Halloween, Cookies + Treats

I have to first hijack my own post to show my sister’s Halloween costume. She sewed and made everything herself and of course won her office costume contest!


 Dia de la Muertos (Day of the Dead) never looked so good. (Amazing right!!!)


We had so much fun carving pumpkins with our friends we decided to spend Sunday carving more so we’d have jack-o-lanterns at our home for Halloween.IMG_1629IMG_1630

First, a rainy visit to the pumpkin patch.

Then a huge late brunch feast of crepes, eggs and all the leftover yummy jams and cheese from our roadtrip.


After we set up in the living room to roll out sugar cookies while we watch scary movies.


I also made spooky “mud with worms” brownies. Yum! 🙂IMG_1642

Halloween shapes and mini brownies in cupcake tins.IMG_1644

Decorating the brownie cups with chocolate frosting and organic yummy worms.IMG_1640

Making our own bags of colored frosting from store bought plastic bags. IMG_1639


I think we should be pros, no? 🙂


Spooky & delicious!


After making treats we carved more pumpkins.


Spooky good memories!


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