November Garden + Holiday Decor

While we were gone on our road trip, our garden had grown.  A few weeks before we left, we had dug everything out of boxes one and two due to a June Bug larva infestation.


I’ll post the photos of the day we dug these up in my year end garden round up.


After we dug them out, we turned in more manure and then planted our winter veggies. IMG_1729

Another awesome thing about living in San Diego’s mild weather is you can garden year round.


This was box one after we got home from vacation!  Our broccoli rabe, brussels sprouts, radishes, and turnips were going crazy!IMG_1728

Box two was growing as well. IMG_1904

Most of the veggies had doubled in size.


And our sassy salad mix path went from tiny plants….


… to this: giant salad, arugula and spinach! 🙂


The wildflowers in the wheel barrow had gotten tired, plus super tall long stringy flowers don’t look great in a wheelbarrow planter. So, we pulled them and replaced them with chrysanthemums and purple alyssum.


I had picked up a bunch of flower seeds from the nursery a few months ago and started them in the nursery, it was time to plant them out.  IMG_0551Remember the white roses we had put against the south fence? IMG_1736.JPG

We added more flowers to this patch as well as all the patches around the stone patio: homegrown sweet peas, alyssum and snapdragons. We bought mums and thyme as well.  We’re not really sure what will grow well where in the garden as we’ve been learning that labels like ‘full sun, part sun’ are really subjective.


We pulled all the cinder blocks and moved our compost outside the fence to the back gravel ‘parking lot’.


We had pulled out most of the wildflowers along the back fence as well and planted perennial natives along with our homegrown flower mix.  Since Halloween had past but we still had pumpkins, I spray painted them gold and silver and placed them around the garden.


Super blurry photo of a silver pumpkin, but the only photo I took. 🙂 It looked really cute!

I also spray painted the fall centerpiece I had made on the outdoor table out of pumpkins, squash, pinecones and leafs with silver and gold spray paint.  It was the perfect festive accent to our outdoor table. 🙂


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