Park City, Utah

For Thanksgiving, I surprised Adam with tickets to visit my sister in Park City, Utah.  I grew up in Utah so that’s where most of my family still is. It’s beautiful and I absolutely love being from there.


It started snowing right after we landed from the airport. This was our snowy drive home.

We stayed in the first night, cozying by the fire, drinking Pecan Whiskey (yum!) and cuddling.  Adam had asked me on the plane what typical Utah food was.  I told him it was green jello salad and funeral potatoes!  🙂  He didn’t believe me until we started asking strangers. 🙂   My sister was so sweet to cook both for him while we were there.

We went for a beautiful hike / walk around the neighborhood in the morning. It’s so crisp and beautiful in Utah; mountain love. ❤


Adam wanted to ‘see where the olympics were’ so went to the Olympic Park.  They have a free museum there of the costumes and highlights from the Salt Lake City Olympics. It was really cool.

Practice ski jumps and Adam holding the Olympic torch.


Olympic Park selfie.

After, we went on a roadtrip up through Kamas and Heber and went swimming at the Homestead Crater.

Shopping at the Park City outlets.

Downtown to see the lights at Temple Square.

The men barbecuing in the snow! Making ‘meat board’ for us. Such guys. 🙂

Our last day we went to brunch at Market Street to met up with some of my childhood friends. Which is our holiday tradition.




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