Our First Christmas

Our first Christmas!  Magic was in the air.  ❤


We were both obsessed with cranberry and orange infused water. We’d been making it at home, it was delicious, fancy and healthy. 🙂


For Christmas Eve, Adam went all in and made a traditional Christmas dinner. The duck, homemade duck gravy and sugar potatoes were my favorite!!

Adam is an incredible cook. It was all so good!


We put out a cheese, cracker and meat place before our friend arrived.

Twinkle lights are a must!  These stay up at my house year round.


Our heater ended up going out and we had to have it repaired on Christmas Day! Adam’s always fixing things; he’s Mr. DIY.  🙂


Santa came!!!!!!!

Santa brought us a ton of stuff for our kitchen, new towels, soaps, organic sunscreen, surfer magazine subscriptions and a California park pass! My favorite gifts were Steen & Stoffer (Calvin & Hobbes in Danish), our matching onesies and a kitten!!!!!  The kitten wasn’t in a box but all the gifts for it were, I just had to go pick it out. 🙂


We spent the day in our onesies eating cinnamon rolls and left overs.


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