Winter in Zions & Bryce


After Hoover Dam, we drove to Zion National Park.  We quickly came upon the classic bright red and burt orange rock that make’s Southern Utah so beautiful and famous. IMG_4550

As we climbed in elevation, we encountered snow!


Roadside stop to play in the snow!

Such a beautiful drive with the red of the rock contrasting to the white winter snow.


The further we drove, the snowier it got.



Since we weren’t prepared for snow hikes, and the main loop in Zion’s was closed due to being over capacity, we drove on to Bryce National Park and went up to Fairview point.


The views were beautiful; such unique geological formations.




It was freezing! 🙂


We stayed for the sunset.  The sky lit up with the most beautiful colors behind the red rocks.  Again, these photos don’t do it justice.


After watching the sunset, we drove through Bryce in the twilight until it was dark then headed back out on the road as close to Goblin Valley as we could.


We had the craziest adventure that night. We couldn’t find anywhere open for food and had to backtrack an hour at one point to find the only pizza place open for hundreds of miles around. 🙂   After dinner, we had a long drive and long road through the desert to our destination.  We passed through these trees which inspired a long conversation about our dreams.  That night, we stayed in the shadiest hotel EVER!  We should have cancelled when we called ahead to make sure someone would be up to give us a key and the old lady said, “You booked here?  Are you sure?”   Ha ha. Memories.


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