Mars aka Goblin Valley


After a night in the shadiest motel ever, we were happy to get up crazy early to drive to Goblin Valley State Park.  It was an hour drive in the dark to get there, and as the sun began to rise, you could see exactly why every movie about Mars is filmed here.



Beautiful, vast, red desert with red ‘goblin’ like rocks everywhere.



We were the only ones there.   Which was crazy and awesome!  Goblin Valley State Park is my absolute favorite place in Southern Utah.  My guess is because it’s a state park instead of a national park, it’s not as well known, but being the only two humans there, definitely made it even more Mars like. 🙂FullSizeRender-5




If you go to Mars; take a selfie. 🙂


It was freezing but so much fun running around through all the “goblins”.  When I was a kid, we used to come camp here in the summer and play laser tag at night and have water gun fights during the hot days.


As we were leaving, the sun officially rose, illuminating everything bright rust red.

Stunning and so cool.


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