Horseshoe Point + Grand Canyon


After a long nights drive, we enjoyed sleeping in before wandering over to Lake Powell late morning.  We went to the visitor’s center and then to a few scenic outlooks for pictures.




 The best scenic point is Horseshoe Bend, so we drove to the trail head and took the 10 minute hike to the scenic lookout.

Afterwards, we drove to the Grand Canyon.


After Horseshoe Bend we drove south to Grand Canyon National Park.  Every time I go, it’s more beautiful then I remember.


We drove to all the cool look out points on the South Rim.

It was cloudy so you could barely see the colors until the sun came out.


I’ve traveled my fair share of places in the world, and few are this beautiful and stunning. It was wonderful day; and the day I discovered Adam hates citrus rinds. 🙂  We had grapefruits in the car and he peeled off every last spec of white and then pulled the fruit out like it was skin. ha ha.  🙂

After Grand Canyon, we drove down to Prescott for dinner.  It was raining so hard and Adam was starting to feel sick. 😦  We ate dinner at this cozy dark cafe then snuggled up at the hotel.


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