Mortimer Farms and Sedona


On our morning drive to Phoenix, this cute farm caught our eye and we had to stop.

Just outside Dewey-Humboldt; Mortimer Farms was charming with a bakery, mini farmers market inside, old tractors and farm equipment, chicken and goats.

We walked around a bit and bought produce and pickled veggies.  The farm equipment above to the right reminds me of one of the farm machines in Beauty and the Beast. 🙂

Adam wasn’t feeling too well, so we went to CVS to get him cold medicine and vitamins. 😦


I drove us to Sedona, where we stopped for lunch.  The restaurant we ate as was spectacular!  It was called ‘The Hudson.’  If you’re ever in Sedona, go there. The food was good and the decor was modern art and eclectic; and behind us is the view from the patio.  I wish we had taken more pictures. The entire restaurant was insta-worthy food.


Adam slept as I drove us down to Phoenix for New Years Eve.


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