Phoenix, New Years Eve

New Years Eve!  We had just had lunch in Sedona and drove down to Phoenix to check into our funky artsy modern hotel.

All the details of the hotel were cool and eclectic with a great happy hour on the roof.

We spent a little time at the pool and hot tub after dark then went up to the room for a little rest.  Adam was super sick so we had some serious nap time.


But… it was New Years Eve and we had non refundable dinner reservations, so out we went.

We ate at Quiescence at The Farm at South Mountain. It was crazy cute and charming and brought a new meaning to Farm to Table.  We warmed by the fire until our table was ready then started our meal at the outside Chef’s table.  Unfortunately it started raining so we ended up moving inside.  Poor Adam was so sick and the dinner took forever; but it’s still a fun memory.


The next morning I had to cuddle with this Giant Teddy Bear in their lobby after breakfast. Then… on to the butterfly wonderland!


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